Tech Support System

In an effort to provide advanced long-term support solutions to all of our customers, we also offer the following value-added technical services:

Packing Service

  1. Tape & Reel

  2. Baking

  3. Dry-Pack

  4. Lead Formation & Crimping

We provide a full range of packaging services, governed by the size and configuration of your component, strictly observing the requirements of EIA-481 Standard and performing in an ESD safe handling work environment to make sure your products are produced and delivered in a right condition with international standards.

 Testing Service  

  1. Electrical Testing(Pin Correlation & Memory Test & AC /DC Testing)

  2. Solderability

  3. Counterfeit Detection

  4. Resistance to Solvent Testing (RTS)

  5. X-Ray & X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

  6. .Heated chemical Testing

  7. Decapsulation

Relying on the resource accumulation, Innovation Electronics already possesses a whole complete and strict set of testing standard, applies the most advanced inspecting equipment with our Knowledgeable Field Application Engineers, dedicating to vetting all component sources and products. We can provide you with test analog, power, passive, discrete, digital, mixed-signal, logic, memory, high frequency, processors, controllers, and more. A detailed and professional report is included with each test project.

Program Service

Our expert engineering staff can help you to accomplish your creative program items, and also provide full testing services for most programmable devices after the units are programmed with the user’s specific program. This unique test capability can highly reduce residual defect rates by providing fault-graded functional, AC, and DC testing of the customers' unique design.

Logistics services

We are glad to provide a wide range of logistics services and expertise to our global customers, without you having to maintain global teams and locations.Regardless of where you are, from where the electronic components are coming, or where they are going, we can provide a one-stop solution for you, from transshipping, drop shipping, warehousing, pick and pack, and tracking services to a complete logistics solution.