Excess Inventory Solution

Who we are?


We are not only a leading distributor of electronic components, we are also specialist in handling excess inventory, help monetise this normally resource-draining liability.

Whether it is a semiconductor manufacturer, a mainland component distributor or a variety of OEMs and CEMs, end up with quantities of electronic components that they either no longer need or have become outdated and obsolete.


What benefits are available?

  • Free much-needed warehouse space

  • Turn unwanted components into cash

  • Balance your inventory levels

  • Helps introduce new revenue streams into existing businesses.

Just send us your stock list today to customize a program best suitable your company, and we'll help you solve it quickly and hassle-free. Call us today,we will take care of the rest.

What do we purchase?   

Following product categories of excess inventory:

  • Circuit Protection

  • Connectors,Interconnects

  • Crystals and Oscillators

  • Capacitors

  • Discrete Semiconductor Products

  • Inductors,Coils,Chokes

  • Industrial Controls,Meters

  • Isolators

  • Integrated Circuits(ICs) and Semiconductors

  • Magnetics - Transformer,Inductor Components

  • Memory Cards,Modules

  • Motors,Solenoids,Driver Boards/Modules

  • Optoelectronics

  • Potentiometers,Variable Resistors

  • Power Supplies

  • Programmers,Development Systems

  • Relays and Switches

  • Resistors

  • RF/IF and RFID

  • Sensors,Transducers

  • Transformers

Whether your stock consists of excess parts left over after a completed production run, or a mixture of obsolete, end-of-life components, we are here to help.


How it works?

Step 1 - Send us your stocklist or inventory of electronic components

Step 2 - Our specialist will appraise the value and condition of your stock,and give you the best offer available, for your entire lot or line item offer, usually within 24 hours.

Step 3 - Choose the suitable solution you need.

a. Bulk Buy - an outright purchase,purchase your excess components in full

 This program is a best idea for companies who need to free much-needed warehouse space immediately.

b. Off-Site Consignment

We will sell them on your behalf through our global network in a consignment arrangement. Once receiving the excess,our specialist will make a complete record of your excess inventory.All of the  divided into boxes, marked with your company code, and stored in the consignment area of our warehouse.

We will re-market your excess inventory using our worldwide database that reaches every corner of the world., producing cash from redundant stock.

Once an acceptable bid is made on your excess electronics and the product is sold, we will ship the parts to the customer.  All percentages of return on product are negotiable and are determined by the value of the product involved,and will be process after every selling .

c. On-Site Consignment

This program works great if you have the warehouse space available to keep your excess inventory on site.

We will then use our worldwide database to selling your excess inventory to get you the highest return possible. Once an offer is accepted you will ship and bill us directly.

d.a mixture of the three programs.


* We can buy your EXCESS, remit payments and arrange for shipping, within 48 hours.