China Races for Chip Supremacy

This year, China will add more new semiconductor-production capacity than the rest of the world combined

PCB Makers Need to Ramp up as AI Spurs Demand

Increased interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has resulted in the need for more PCBs and other hardware. Manufacturers must be prepared to respond to this increased demand.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Every Industry

AI allows companies to automate operations, acquire insights from data and develop new value propositions, which will help companies create new goods and services, increase productivity and gain a competitive edge as it continues to grow.

How to Minimize the Risk of Counterfeit Components

The electronics supply chain faces several significant challenges. One of the most pressing of these is the prominence of counterfeit electronic components.Electronics is a massive and profitable industry, so it is a natural target for fraudsters trying to ...

Strengthen upstream and downstream cooperation, China Mobile and chip manufacturers launch video IoT chips

This time, through the cooperation between telecom operators and chip manufacturers, the cooperation and complementary advantages of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain have been realized, which has played a positive role in improving the compat...

The domestic core computer is coming, produced by Lenovo, can Zhaoxin KX6640MA be used?

On this laptop, it can be seen from the promotional pictures that the Kaitian N70Z/N79Z uses the Zhaoxin KX6640MA, and the General KX6640MA is a quad-core processor with a maximum frequency of 26GHz, a notebook with built-in 16GB memory and...

Why is there a global chip shortage?

With the development of 5g technology and artificial intelligence, as well as the trend of automobile intelligence, the demand for 5g radio frequency, PC, fingerprint recognition, car control, sensors and other chips is also growing rapidly. However, with ...

With the entry of new players, how can the dominant automotive CIS manufacturers maintain their leading position?

In the past decade, CMOS image sensor (hereinafter referred to as CIS) is almost one of the fastest growing semiconductor products. Image sensor sales doubled from 2010 to 2019, according to ICInsights.In the CIS market, in recent years, the gr...
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